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Clinical Research and Basic Science Award Application

Instructions and General Criteria for the OARSI 2015 Clinical Research and Basic Science Awards

Award Site Opens: September 15, 2014 Deadline: December 16, 2014


The purpose of the OARSI Clinical and Basic Science Awards is to recognize excellence in research in osteoarthritis.

Any individual(s) who has made an outstanding contribution to osteoarthritis research within the last five years may be nominated  for the Awards.

Research domains include, but are not limited to, areas such as epidemiology and health-services research, clinical outcomes, translational research, and therapeutics, and must encompass all phases of research having clinical implications. Clinical/Basic Science research may be in any of a number of specialty disciplines being related to osteoarthritis. Research should have been conducted within the last 5 years.

Nominees for this award should be willing to prepare a paper for presentation at the OARSI World Congress in Seattle, Washinton in April 2015. Awardees will receive a $2000 honorarium, travel expenses (up to $1000) to the Congress, complimentary registration and three night's hotel accommodations.

The nominee(s) must be an OARSI member and must be nominated by an OARSI member.  Current members of the OARSI Board of Directors are not eligible for the award.

Entries for the OARSI Awards shall be submitted electronically.

You will be required to upload the following: CV, letter of recommendation, and a summary of work..

Instructions and Criteria

Register and Login:
Begin your application here and once completed, you may also login here to revisit the site for updates. Nominations can only be submitted electronically for one individual, for one award.

Upload Documents:
Select the box to upload the following documents:

  • Curriculum Vitae

  • Letter of recommendation

  • Summary of the work being entered for the award.

The supporting documents submitted for the award can be in the form of published scientific papers or papers which have been accepted for publication in an international scientific journal.

Nomination Status:
Nominations for the OARSI awards will be judged by an Award Committee appointed by the OARSI board.
The committee has the right, when appropriate, to consult outside experts in order to form a well-founded opinion of the work submitted.
The committee may decide, depending on the merit of the nominations submitted, to award only one prize for basic and/or clinical research or no prizes for a particular year.

Committee members who have professional or other close associations with a candidate will abstain from evaluation and voting on the nomination of that candidate. The decision of the Award committee is final, and there shall be no right of appeal against the committee decisions.

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