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2014 OARSI Collaborative Scholarship

Aim: To provide enriched international and national exchange that will foster the acquisition of skills in specialized scientific methodologies, knowledge translation, and dissemination of research. The scholarship will also provide educational, networking and partnership opportunities with preference to those in early career research.

Candidates: Members of OARSI.

Scholarship Amount: Multiple Scholarships of $6500.00 (US) each.

Each candidate must have a supervisor who is an OARSI member.

Places for Rotation: Institutions with experience in OA Research (Basic/Clinical).

Training Rotations: The award will support up to a six month visit for graduate students and fellows. Candidate must be supervised by an OARSI member. Trainees are required to submit an abstract and present their work at the OARSI meeting in 2015.

For a list of possible hosts see the OARSI website, click here. Your host does NOT have to come from this list.
If you would like to become a host, please click here to complete the host application.

All types of OA research are included in this program: basic, clinical, translational, and experimental.

Call Opens: August, 2014    Deadline: December 31, 2014

This is an online process. Once a login is created, all information and documents submitted to the online application will be saved and accessible for completion at a later date.

Application Instructions

Before starting the application please have the following documents ready for upload. A complete application includes:

  • Summary, experimental plan and proposed budget (max 5 pages).

  • Letter from the host indicating support for the proposed research plan and describing the elective rotation’s expected benefits and outcome(s); Include resources/infrastructure at the host institution that will facilitate achieving the aims of the rotation.

  • Letter from the applicant’s home supervisor explaining the benefit of the exchange for the trainee and for establishing ongoing collaborations with the host Institution.

  • Letter from the Investigator’s institution confirming approval for the Investigator’s rotation.

  • Short CVs of the applicant, home supervisor and host. CV should be 2-4 pages long and must include relevance to project.

Please contact Priscilla Rodriguez with any questions at or  Telephone:  +1-856-642-4215

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