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Sources of Funding for Clinicians and Scientists Involved in Osteoarthritis Research

OARSI offers travel awards to attend the annual congress and also provides OARSI scholarships that allow young researchers to work at different national and international institutions for 2-3 months.

Additionally, various other organizations can provide funding in the form of fellowships, project grants, studentships and travel awards. Some of these are listed below.

Sources of funding in the U.S.


  • Community of Science - Searchable database of funding sources, includes government and foundations

U.S. Government:


Sources of funding in the UK

Travel awards

Fellowship and Research Funding

  • The Wellcome Trust - Research support, equipment, fellowships, travel, studentships and undergraduate awards
  • Institutional - Don’t forget to check with your own institutions, as there are often internal funding opportunities!

Other helpful websites

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