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fNIH OA Biomarkers Consortium Update

By Virginia Kraus, David Hunter, Michael Nevitt

The slides from the OARSI 2015 Pre- Congress Workshop  on the fNIH OA Biomarkers Consortium Project in Seattle have now been posted to the OARSI website

Category: Biomarkers

Tags: 2015, Congress, Biomarkers, fNIH


FNIH Osteoarthritis Biomarkers Consortium Project

By Various Authors

Early Results Provide a Step Up in the Climb to Improve the Prognosis and Treatment of Osteoarthritis

Category: Biomarkers

Tags: OA Biomarks


Potential sites for kinetic drug-drug interactions

By Patrick du Souich

Category: Biomarkers

Tags: Therapy


Epidemiology of OA

By S Chubinskaya

Category: Biomarkers

Tags: Epidemiology


Challenges in Studying Risk Factors for OA Progression

By Yuqing Zhang, DSc

Category: Biomarkers

Tags: Epidemiology