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The University of Manchester Presidential Fellowship and New Recruitment Opportunities in Regenerative Medicine

We’re inviting the brightest academic talent to apply for The University of Manchester Presidential Fellowships in the Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health. We’re interested in early-career academics that can deliver world-leading research and teaching, and become the inspiring leaders of the future. Applicants should have a high academic standing, a growing reputation in research, and the specialist knowledge needed to develop exemplary research programmes and methodologies. We offer:

  • a highly competitive salary (£31,604–£49,149 for 3 years)
  • generous research and travel expenses (£10,000 per annum)
  • access to world-leading technology platforms
  • outstanding networking, learning and development opportunities 

Our resources and mentorship will enhance your competitiveness for external awards. We are interested in candidates that map on to our areas of research strength, one of which is Regenerative Medicine (for more information see: opportunity/biology-medicine-and-health/)

Within the University of Manchester, Regenerative Medicine includes basic science discoveries and new mechanisms of repair and regeneration linked with novel biomaterial development and fabrication (via interactions in Faculty of Science and Engineering) through to clinical trials of new cell and gene therapies for patient benefit. Indeed we have progressed two first in man significant clinical trials over the last year.

The Division of Cell Matrix Biology and Regenerative Medicine (CMBRM) is home to the Manchester Regenerative Medicine Network (MaRMN). Our mission is firstly to bring together research scientists from different disciplines (biologists, material scientists, engineers and surgeons) to enhance the University’s capacity in Regenerative Medicine and enable large strategic multidisciplinary grant bids. Secondly, we aim to help researchers move their projects into clinical protocols by creating links with clinicians interested in translating new cell, gene and bioengineering protocols to the clinic. Our network (MaRMN) has over 80 members from across the University and associated NHS Trusts.


Research Focus
We have substantial research strengths in musculoskeletal research, ranging from the generation of hESC and hiPS-derived chondrocytes and research into the degeneration and regeneration of intervertebral discs, to the treatment of Duchenne muscular dystrophy through novel cell therapy techniques, and the reconstruction of tendon. Other strengths include research on the regeneration of kidney and urinary tract, peripheral nerves, as well as abdominal wall reconstruction. Groups are also tackling regenerative strategies for Alzheimer’s disease and Stroke and using cellular models to understand the mechanisms of disease and repair. As well as international academic collaborations we have a strong industry focus with 34 different collaborations with biopharma and similar. Based on our scientific standing we have successfully and competitively secured the TERMIS 2020 European Chapter conference for Manchester and will welcome approx 800-1,000 delegates to the Manchester Central Convention Centre at the end of May 2020.


MaRMN and CMBRM benefit from outstanding laboratory space and exemplary research core facilities in genomics (including a new CRISPR facility), transgenics, mass spectrometry, imaging (including electron microscopy and super-resolution light microscopy), bioinformatics, and biomolecular analysis. We also have a Clean room facility for clinical translation of therapies. The newly formed FBMH brings together more than 800 staff with expertise in basic and clinical science. For information about the Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health, visit
We invite researchers with an interest in Regenerative Medicine/tissue engineering to contact us to discuss their ambition and how their research interests might flourish here and add to the goals and vision of MaRMN and FBMH. We extend this invitation to those embarking on their independent research careers either though our Presidential Fellowships or though externally funded fellowship applications, seeking new challenges and new opportunities. We offer support to those seeking competitive fellowships with full mentorship and opportunities for furthering their careers in the future.

We wish to attract applicants in any area of Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering eligible to apply for the Presidential Fellowships (link above). The deadline for these applications is 3rd April 2018. Those wishing to explore this opportunity further (with no obligation) should send a brief summary of how their research ideas would flourish in the Division/MaRMN, plus a short CV to Professor Judith Hoyland ( and Professor Sue Kimber( who will be able to advise and support suitable individuals in the application process.


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