Apply Now- Clinical and Basic Research Awards

Deadline- December 15

The purpose of the OARSI Clinical Research and Basic Science Awards is to recognize excellence in clinical and basic research related to osteoarthritis. The two award recipients are required to present a talk at the OARSI Congress in Las Vegas in April, 2017.  Clinical research domains include, but are not limited to,  epidemiology and health-services research, clinical outcomes, translational research, and therapeutics, encompassing all phases of research having clinical implications.   The basic research targets include all areas of basic science with relevance to osteoarthritis. Research for both awards must have been conducted within the last five years.

Apply Now- OARSI Scholarships

The goal of the OARSI Scholarship Program is to provide an enriched international and national exchange that fosters the acquisition of skills in specialized scientific methodologies, knowledge translation, and dissemination of research in the OA field. All types of OA research are included in this program including  basic, clinical, translational, and experimental.

The scholarship will also provide educational, networking and partnership opportunities with preference to those in early career research.(graduate students or fellows)

Deadline for applications is December 31,2016. 


Call for Abstracts Now Open

The Call for Abstracts for the World Congress on Osteoarthritis to be held in Las Vegas in April, 2017 is now open.   Deadline for submssion is November 21. 




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