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The Ethics Committee ensures that all OARSI activities meet the highest ethical standards of the Society. They review disclosures from the board, board nominees, committee and initiative participants and makes recommendations to the board and enforces the OARSI Code of Ethics. The Ethics committee will also be responsible for reviewing OARSI’s governance policies (bylaws, committee mandates) and make recommendations to the board.

Name Country End of Term
Magali Cuccchiarini, Chair Germany  April 2020
Anne Marie Malfait USA April 2019

Jeff Duryea

USA April 2020
John Loughlin United Kingdom April 2019
Tim McAlindon USA April 2020

Sita Bierma Zeinstra

Netherlands April 2020
Stefan Lohmander Sweden April 2020


Research and Training

The Research and Training committee establishes scholarship criteria, reviews applications and selects scholarship winners.  The committee will review existing OARSI research tools on the website and recommend updates, review OA research gaps and future directions for OA position papers.

Name Country End of term
Jos Runhaar, Chair Netherlands April 2019
Jolanda Cibere Canada April 2020
Michael Hunt Canada April 2020
Mohit Kapoor Canada April 2020
Margareet Kloppenburg Netherlands April 2020
Austine LaTourte France April 2020
Micheal Nevitt USA April 2020
Shinsuke Ohba Japan April 2020
Sara Snelling United Kingdom April 2020
Martin van der Esch Netherlands April 2019
Alicia Zbehlik USA April 2020

Young Investigator

The Young Investigator Committee is limited to those OARSI members age 40 and younger.  The goal of the committee is to increase student and young investigator interest and participation in OARSI in order to foster new and strengthen existing research efforts, collaborations and mentorship opportunities in both clinical and basic science studies of osteoarthritis. The committee plans workshops and mentorship sessions at the OARSI World Congress and maintains YI Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Name Country End of term
Joanna Sherwood, Chair Germany April 2020
Kathering Boyer USA  
Jamie Collins USA  
Kerry Costello USA  
Harvi Hart Australia  
Martin van den Bosch Netherlands April 2021
Michelle Yau USA  
Zehu Huang China  
Anusha Ratneswaran Canada  
Dawn Aitken Australia  


The Publications Committee oversees the editorial office of OARSI and the relationship with the publisher of the journals.  This committee evaluates the publisher and negotiates new or renewal publisher and editor contracts, provides advice to the editors and discusses issues related to the journals.

Name Country End of term
Rita Kandel, Chair Canada  
Peter van der Kraan Netherlands  
Gun il Im China  
Michelle Dowsey Australia  
Rik Lories Belgium  
Domink Haudenschild USA  
Elena Losina USA  
Joel Block USA  
Jason McDougall Canada  
Felix Eckstein Austria  
Martijn van den Bosch Netherlands  


The goal of the communications committee is to improve OARSI visibility through communication vehicles including the website, newsletter and social media. The committee will focus on improving the website and social media presence and review selected articles for the bi-monthly newsletter.

Name Country End of term
Richard Barrett Jolly, Chair United Kingdom  
Qiang Liu China  
Andreea Ioan Netherlands  
Goncalo Barreto Switzerland  
Joshua Stefanik USA  
Benny Antony Australia  
Eeva Moilanen Finland  
Chris Little Australia  
Michelle Hall Australia  
Yoann Dessery Canada  
Victoria Kolupaeva USA  
Natalie Collins Australia  
Qiang Liu China  
Andreea Ioan Netherlands  


Strategic Alliance

The Strategic Alliance Committee will identify societies, foundations, groups and industry partners that have an interest in OA and related research and establish mutually beneficial interactions.  The goal is to raise awareness and educate groups about osteoarthritis.  Interactions may include formal partnerships, joint meetings and workshops. This committee will also be responsible to review requests for initiatives and projects that come to OARSI.

Name Country End of term
Gillian Hawker, Chair Canada  
Martin Michaelis Germany  
Anne Christine Bay Jensen Denmark  
Jianhao Lin China  
Muneaki Ishijima Japan  
Lynn Snyder Mackler USA  
Tom Andriachi    
Jeymi Tambiah-Samumed USA  
Leigh Callahan USA  
Ingrid Lether Netherlands  
Jeff Driban USA  


Finance Committee

The role of this committee is to advise the board on actions needed maintain OARSI’s solvency.  The committee works closely with the OARSI Treasurer and Industry relations staff member to identify approaches to new sources of funding and sponsorship, assess how to monetize OARSI activities.

Name Country End of term
Steve Messier, Chair USA  
Martin Englund Sweden  
Dan White USA  
Mona Ginzberg    
Ida Haugen Norway  
Raghunatha Yammani USA  
Tuhina Neogi USA  
Ali Mobasheri United Kingdom  


Program Committee 2019

The Program Committee plans the annual OARSI Congress. They select the abstract categories, session topics, speakers and review the pre-Congress workshops. They also review and score abstracts.

Name Country  End of term
Tuhina Neogi, Program Chair USA  
Ingrid Meulenbelt, Abstract Chair Netherlands  
Ali Mobasheri United Kingdom  
Morgan Jones USA  
Regis O'keefe USA  
Danny Chan China  
George Bou-Gharios United Kingdom  
Jin Hong Kim Korea  
Carolyn Emery Canada  
Cosimo DeBari United Kingdom  
Thomas Link USA  
Rachel Miller USA  
Robin Christensen Denmark  
Katherine Boyer USA  
Simo Saarkala    
Frank Zaucke Germany  
Deepak Kumar USA  
Martin van der Esch




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