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OARSI 2020 Discussion Groups Application

Building on the success of the inaugural Discussion Groups in 2019, OARSI is pleased to announce the continuation of Discussions Groups for 2020. 

The goal of the Discussion Groups is to bring together clinicians, scientists and other health professionals who share a common interest in specific areas of osteoarthritis research, to network and discuss cutting-edge science, opportunities, and successes. 

Discussion Groups are proposed by the grass roots OARSI membership and approved by the OARSI Board of Directors. OARSI Board of Directors reserve the right to decline a discussion group based on competition for space or where there may be perceived conflicts. Each Discussion Group will have organizers; we suggest 3-5 organizers, all of whom must be OARSI members, with at least one early career investigator (rank at or below Assistant Professor or age ≤ 40). The organizers will need to submit an application for 2020 and provide the requested detail to be considered for 2020. Discussion Groups may continue from 2019 or new Discussion Groups may be introduced into the World Congress program. 

Participation in the Groups is open to all OARSI members and will be promoted in the OARSI e-newsletter and in email communications.  Discussion Groups will also be promoted during the dues renewal and Congress registration process.  Groups will meet annually at the Congress (following a satisfactory progress report on accomplishments of the prior meeting and submission of application for the upcoming meeting). 

Criteria on which the proposal for the 2020 Discussion Group will be evaluated will include:

  1. the objective;
  2. time allotted for discussion or interaction among Group attendees (at least 45 of the 90 minutes must be allotted for discussion or interaction among attendees of the Group);
  3. outcome of the Discussion Group meeting. This includes an annual Group summary (and lay version for posting to and potential submission to OAC Open)
  4. a deliverable relevant to OARSI (such as a position paper, review, publication, etc.). This is encouraged but not required;
  5. whether there is plan for Discussion Group members to remain in touch and trade ideas over the course of the subsequent year.  

Discussion Groups will take place the evening of Saturday, May 2 for 90 minutes at a time that does not conflict with the scientific program. The time will be announced. 

OARSI members may propose a Discussion Group for 2020 by completing the application. Click here to begin.

Application deadline: October 29, 2019

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