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OARSI Awards

Lifetime Achievement Award

This award is intended to honor a person who has devoted much of their career to the advancement of the science associated with osteoarthritis. It may be in a broad area or may be in a specific area of the disease, but preferably both.

Past Award Recipients:

  • 2003-Klaus Kuettner, PhD
  • 2004-Charles Joel Menkes, MD, Michel Lequesne, MD
  • 2005-David S. Howell, MD, Leon Sokoloff, MD
  • 2006-Anthony Robin Poole, PhD, DSc
  • 2007-Roy D. Altman, MD
  • 2008-Roland W. Moskowitz, MD
  • 2009-Kenneth D. Brandt, MD, Alice Maroudas, PhD
  • 2010-Paul A. Dieppe, MD
  • 2011-Dick Heinegård, MD, PhD
  • 2012-David Felson, MD MPH
  • 2013-Marc C. Hochberg, MD, MPH
  • 2014-Karl A. Rudolphi, PhD, DVM
  • 2015-David R. Eyre, PhD, George Nuki, MB, FRCP

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