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OARSI Awards

Lifetime Achievement Award

This award is intended to honor a person who has devoted much of their career to the advancement of the science associated with osteoarthritis. It may be in a broad area or may be in a specific area of the disease, but preferably both.


Past Award Recipients:

Year Recipient Year Recipient
2003 Klaus Kuettner, PhD 2011 Dick Heinegård, MD, PhD
2004 Charles Joels Menkes, MD
Michel Lequesne, MD
2012 David Felson, MD, MPH
2005 David S. Howell, MD
Leon Sokoloff, MD
2013 Marc C. Hochberg, MD, MPH
2006 Anthony Robin Poole, PhD, DSc 2014 Karl A. Ruldolphi, PhD, DVM
2007 Roy D. Altman, MD 2015 David R. Eyre, PhD
George Nuki, MD, FRCP
2008 Roland W. Moskowitz, MD 2016 Linda Sandell, PhD
2009 Kenneth D. Brandt, MD
Alice  Maroudas, PhD
2017 Stefan Lohmander, MD, PhD
2010 Paul A. Dieppe, MD 2018 Mary B. Goldring, PhD

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